Teen Coaching

Online Teen Discussion Groups

(5 to 10 Teens similar ages)


Topic Examples-Personalized

for each unique group

of 5 to 10 Teens 

Positive instructionActive brainstorming, Problem solving exercises and Encouragement

  • Who Am I and What Do I Want

  • Where Am I Going: Goal Setting

  • Time Management / Self Discipline / Prioritization 

  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Building on Your Strengths

  • Improving Your Outlook on Life: Perspective Adjusting

  • The World of Opportunities: Options for Careers and Education

  • Budgeting and Preparing for Independent Living


  • Time at Home: Making the Most of a Good Opportunity

  • School Transitions: Jr. High to High School, High School to College

  • Success 4 Teenagers: Abstinence and Wise Choices   

  • Defining Success 4 Your Life: Who Am I, Where Am I Going, Goal Setting

  • Doing More in Less Time to Have FREE Time

  • Mastering the “F” Word (Finances)

  • Career Options and Salary Ranges

  • Setting Yourself Up 4 Success:  Making a Plan of Action For Your Future

  • Being Effective: Overcoming Barriers to Your Goals

  • Effective Listening 4 Success: Listening is Not Just Hearing

  • Becoming Relationship Rich: Personally and Professionally

  • Gardening a Healthy Life: Sow a Variety of Seeds to Reap Big

  • Start Your Own Business Now

  • Job Search Methods

  • Resume Tips and Templates

  • Getting the Interview and Interviewing Best Practices​

  • Networking​: Knowing people is how you get the best jobs

  • Social Media: Beware, Don't Handicap Yourself

  • Coach Guided Open Discussion Groups

  • Customized topics for your needs

I listen to your family dynamics, values, challenges, and goals then work with you to create an action plan to make your parenting goals becoming a reality. 

I keep you focused, motivated, and positive. 

*I offer interactive coaching workshops for teens 

*If you are a minor, parent's consent is needed for coaching

*For Workshop and Motivational Speaker rates please contact us

*Interested in Fundraisers for Non-Profits, ask about our community partnership profit sharing