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Motivational Topics: Families, Parents, Teens, Etc.

Conferences, Expos, Retreats, Youth Groups, 

Workshops, Special Events, etc. 


Motivational, Informative, and Interactive

Speaking Topic Examples:

  • Defining Success 4 Life

  • Road Mapping Dreams to Reality

  • Organize Your Life: Prioritize and Conquer

  • Mastering the “F” Word (Finances)

  • A Proactive Life: Overcoming Barriers to Your Goals

  • Listening is Not Just Hearing

  • Doing More in Less Time to Have FREE Time

  • Becoming Relationship Rich: Personal and Professional

  • School Transitions: Jr. High - High School - College

  • Your School Career: Once in a Life Opportunity  

  • Success 4 Teens: Wise Choices  4 Teens

  • Starting Your Own Business (Teens and Adults)

  • Success 4 All: Singles, Married, Blended Families, etc.

  • Success 4 Parenting (age specific topics for kids 0-19)

  • The Job Game: Interviewing, Networking and Salary Negotiations

  • The Skill of Finding Time

  • Discussion Groups

  • Workshops​ and customized topics for your needs

  • or custom topics upon request

Workshops for Parents of Children 0 to 6 years old

  • Introduction to Montessori in the Home: An over view of the program

  • Educating in Your Home Made Easy: materials, work space set up, techniques for teaching your children, etc.

  • Language: Early Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing

  • Math: Number Recognition, Quantity, Value Placement, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, etc.

  • Geography: Topography, Continents, States, Animals of the World, etc.

  • Science / Botany / Zoology: Weather, Plants, Animals, etc.

  • Practical Life: Care of Self, Etiquette, Small and Large Muscle Control, Mastery of Life Skills, etc.

  • Sensorial: (Visual, Tactile, Olfactory, Taste, and Auditory Senses): colors, shapes, dimension, temperature, texture, taste, etc.

  • Art / Music: What is age appropriate and the stages of progression

  • Physical Exercise: Large Muscle Development, Balance, Coordination, and Playing With Others

*We offer custom motivational topics and workshops for your events.

Contact us for rates

*Ask us about our Fundraising Partnerships to help non-Profits raise money


Parents: Home Education

Teens: Setting up for Success

Other workshops upon request


Discussion Groups

Home Education

Addressing Issues



Teens Set 4 Success:

Jr High

High School




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