How to Teach Children 0 to 6 Years Old: Montessori in the Home

(Parents of children 0-6 yrs old)

We make teaching your child simple and fun!

Intro to Montessori in the Home (0 to 6 year old):

  • Overview of Child Development

  • Overview of the Montessori Method

  • Overview of the Montessori Centers and Progression

  • Sample lessons on: Math, Language, Science, Geography, Botany, Sensorial, Practical Life, Art, etc

  • Overview of Sensitive Periods

  • Overview of materials, cost for the program and timeline

  • Questions and Answers

Setting up an Educational Environment at Home:

  • Montessori Made Affordable

  • Space and Equipment: Inside and Out

  • How to make or find educational materials

  • What materials are age appropriate

  • Sequencing of learning materials

Practical Life: Mastering Life Skills, Care of Self, Environment and Care of Others


  • Mastering fine and large motor skills: carrying things, pouring, folding, sorting, organizing, dressing, food prep, gardening, pets, etc

  • Maturity of interactions with others: safety, manners, sharing, courtesy, voice control and care for classroom materials  

  • Developing an orderly way of thinking, self-awareness, confidence, balance, self-control,

  • We include a segment of physical education ideas

Sensorial:  Learning Through the Five Senses

  • Develop and Refine Senses: Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Taste, Olfactory

  • Recognizing: Geometrical shapes, Dimension, Color hues, Temperature,  

  • Bring order to the daily sensorial impressions 

Language: Steps to reading and writing

  • Excitement for learning Language, self confidence and organization

  • Vocabulary, learning more words and connecting them with objects

  • Phonetic awareness, recognize sounds and how they form words

  • Recognizing letters as symbols for sounds

  • Linking sounds and letters together to make words

  • Steps to learn how to write 

  • Looking for the 'Sensitive Period' for Language

Math: Numbers, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Decimal  Values, Fractions

  • Concretely and progresses towards the abstract 

  • Simple to complex 

  • Process is taught first and facts come later 

  • Order, coordination, concentration, and independence

  • Number symbol recognition and quanitites

  • Sequence: 1 to 10, decimal system, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, linear counting, fractions

Geography: The World Around Us- Physical and Cultural

  • Physical- formation of the universe, creation of the earth and its physical properties (air, land, water, continents, countries, volcanos, etc)

  • Cultural- study of human society and cultures

Science / Botany: The World, Animals and Plants

  • Physics- matter, motion, energy, force, etc

  • Astronomy- space, universe 

  • Botany-study plants and identify their parts

  • Zoology- study animals, their parts and habitats

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