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Foundational Years

Parents & Caregivers Workshop Topics for

Teaching Children 0 to 6 years

Available On-line or In Person

Introduction to the 8 Sessions (1 Hour): 

Teaching 0 to 6 years

  • Child Development - What Is Age Appropriate

  • Instilling a love of learning and fostering creative thinking

  • Developing an orderly way of thinking, self-awareness, confidence, self-control, and respect for people, nature and things around them

  • Intro: Montessori Methods and Learning Progression

  • Sensitive Periods: how to expedite learning for your child

  • Overview of the 8 Sessions: Brain and Sensory Development, Language, Math, Science, Geography, Botany, Practical Life skills, Art Progression, etc.

  • Education Materials: Good, Better, Best and Most Cost Effective

  • How to set up an educational area in your home


Session 1:  Child Brain and Sensory Development

A Strong Foundation For Skilled Learning

  • Child Development Stages and Learning

  • Child Brain Development and How You Can Help

  • Strong Senses / Better Learning: Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Olfactory, Taste

  • Emotional Development: Caring for self and others

  • Social Development: manners, curtesy, etc. 

Session 2: Teaching Language

Key Steps to Early Reading and Writing

  • The Easy and Fun Path to Language Development 

  • Fostering Self Confidence and Early Reading

  • Maximizing Vocabulary Earlier 

  • Teaching Phonetics: How, When, Where and What Materials

  • Materials: Good, Better, Best and The Most Cost Effective

  • Steps To Teaching Your Child How to Write

  • Maximizing the 'Sensitive Period' for Language Development

Session 3: Teaching Math

Key Steps to Math Comprehension

  • Teaching techniques that make teaching math easy and fun

  • Fostering independent learning

  • Fostering independent learning

  • Teaching the decimal system, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions

Session 4: Teaching History

Teaching Concepts of Time and History

  • Teaching sequencing, timelines

  • Teaching how to tell time, days of the week, months of the year, seasons

Session 5: Teaching Geography and Topography

Land Formations, Continents, Countries, Cultures, etc.

  • How children learn about the world around them

  • Teaching Topography, Geography, land formations, etc. 

  • Fostering curiosity of the world - continents, countries, cities, and more.

  • Teaching: economics, cultures, and more nationalities


Session 6: Teaching Biology, Zoology, Botany  

  • Biology- Our body parts, how they work, healthy eating

  • Botany- study plants, identifying their parts and growing food

  • Zoology- study animals, their parts and habitats

  • Teaching about animals, economies, cultures, and people 

  • Z

Session 7: Teaching Science, Physics, Astronomy 

  • Fostering deeper thought processes

  • Teaching Physics: matter, motion, energy, force, etc.

  • Teaching Science, Astronomy

  • Methods for fun family learning time 

Session 8: Teaching Music, Art, Movement and Fostering Creative Thinking 

  • Teaching: Music, Art, and Movement

  • Early Childhood Art Development: Stages with techniques to foster self esteem and creativity

  • Physical Education: Large motor skill development


*Best Option: All Inclusive 8 Session Package

*Workshops available on-line or in person, call or email for rates

*We offer individual and group rates for groups of 20+

(we also offer scholarships)

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