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Parent Coaching

We listen to your family dynamics, values, challenges, and goals then work with you to create an action plan to make your parenting goals becoming a reality. 


  • Defining What Is "Age Appropriate" For Each Stage

  • Parenting Smarter, NOT Harder

  • Setting up a Smart Kid environment in your home

  • Fun and Easy methods to educate your children

  • Developing self-motivated and self-directed children

  • Best age appropriate educational materials and products for your child

  • Easy Steps to Teach Your Child: Practical Life, Math, Reading, Writing, Geography, Botany, History, and more


Other Possible Topics for Parenting Workshops Include​​

  • Preparing for Parenting-Getting a Jump Start During Pregnancy

  • Birth to One

  • Toddler Years

  • Elementary Years

  • Teen Years

  • Raising Kids on a Budget

  • Blended Families

  • Education at Home (full or part-time)

  • Preparing your child for public school

  • Instilling a Love of Learning

  • Issues:  Bed time, Eating or Attitudes

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Coach Guided Group Discussions

  • Topic of your choice



  • Who Am I and What Do I Want

  • Where Am I Going: Goal Setting

  • Time Management / Self Discipline / Prioritization 

  • Perspective Adjusting / Improving Your Outlook on Life

  • A World of Opportunities: Options for Careers and Education

  • Budgeting and Preparing for Independent Living

  • And more

Every workshop has:

  • Positive instruction

  • Real-life examples

  • Active brainstorming

  • Problem solving

Parent Smarter, not harder!


*Contact me for: Workshop and Motivational Speaking rates, Fundraisers and Community Partnerships

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