My 3rd and Last High School Graduate Son!

June 4, 2017

Today my 3rd and youngest son Caleb graduated from high school.  He is grown and all those years of homework, school stuff, etc. are in the past. It is surreal. I am proud of Caleb!!!!  We had a very nice reception, ceremony and fun with family afterward.  If you are in the throws of  endless diapers or have young children telling you "No" or "Why" all day long; remember it will indeed be a blink of the eye and your kids will be graduating from high school too!  When people said that to me I always thought they were nuts.  Now I am one of them!  Hang in there, take it one day / one situation at a time and while doing it make the most of your time with your loved ones.  My children will soon fly the nest, be independent and I will be all alone.  While one part of me is busting at the seams to have my private space again, the other part of me will be a bit lonely I am sure.


Hang in there!

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