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Teacher Coaching

We Energize, Inspire, and Motivate

Teachers With

Fun Interactive Sessions


Never wait until you are empty before refilling your reserves! 

Example Topics for Teachers of Children 0 to 19 years old:

  • I Got the Power!...You Really Do!

  • World Changers One Kid at a Time

  • Teacher Recharge Sessions

  • Turning Nightmare Parenting Into Teacher Partners

  • Family Dynamics in The Classroom

  • Passion Fostering: In Yourself and in Your Students

  • Technology Side-Effects On Students

  • Boundaries in the Classroom

  • Creatively Addressing Issues

  • Toddler years

  • Elementary years

  • Teen years

  • Topic of your choice, we customize

  • Coach Guided Group Discussions

*We Offer Workshops and Motivational Speaking

*Contact us for rates and dates

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