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Dianna Apineru - 

A speaker, teacher, parent, mentor and coach for 30+ years. 

I have lived on both sides of the financial coin!  Earning 6 figures in Fortune 100 companies and volunteering in third world countries where at times I didn't have 2 pennies to rub together!  

I have 3 adult sons whom I raised as a 24/7 single parent for 19+ years. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and I am a former teacher who has owned 2 private preschools in Hawaii and Texas. I have traveled to several countries and I am passionate about energizing teachers, parents and Teens who want to set themselves up 4 success! 

Motivational speaker

Each stage of parenting has challenges.  We have workshops on Home Education teaching you how to get set up and teach your children in your home easily (full or part-time).  We have coach led parenting discussion groups to help you with your specific needs and concerns. 

You are NOT alone!



Teaching Children 0 to 6 years old made EASY!

We show you step by step how to set up an educational environment and teach your children without breaking the bank or taking a lot of time.  Education should be FUN.  We have an introductory class that gives an overview of the program and how it gives children self confidence to work independently and the ability to focus on a task until completion. Give your child the head start on their future!



Full or Part-Time

Teen workshops and coach guided teen discussion groups focus on challenges of transition from Jr. HS to HS to College and the work place.  The discussion groups are coach guided forums  to focus on answers and positive choices to help them develop goals, map a way to achieve them with support and encouragement along the way.



Teachers have one of the most important jobs, to educate the next generation!

We have workshops to encourage, inspire and energize teachers along the way.  

Workshops are fun, interactive and are customized to address the challenges of the groups in each workshop.



Life can be peaceful, joyful and fulfilling.  Our goal is to foster the untangling of spiritual confusion with informative coach led discussion groups and workshops. We provide tools for you to successfully conduct your search.

*I am not affiliated with any specific denomination or church.  



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